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Absence and Leave Management

Complete Coverage for All Your Needs

Streamline all aspects of employee absence and leave policies while simplifying compliance with rapidly changing regulations.

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The WorkForce Suite can transform your absence, leave, and accommodation processes.

Boost Payroll Accuracy

Accurate tracking of time-off accruals is just one way to improve payroll accuracy. Check out these other 3 ways.

Unmatched Accrual Accuracy

Never second guess again if an employee has enough time off available.

  • Automate all your accrual and entitlement policies including prorations, carryovers, transfers, grandfathered rules and more—from probation to termination, including Long Service Leave
  • Accurately project all future balances accounting for all your rules and any planned usage
  • Receive advanced notice when new entries or requests impact planned time off
Employee Time Off Request

Managing Leaves of Absence

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to managing employee leaves of absence—whatever the reason.

  • Determine leave type and eligibility from HR data and employee responses to a simple online questionnaire
  • Workflows walk your employees and HR administrators through every step of the process—from initial request to return to work authorisation
  • Covers all your leave policies including intermittent leaves and concurrent eligibility, whether required through legislation, enterprise agreements, workers’ compensation, or internal policies 

Comply with Confidence

Mitigate the risks of non-compliance with legislation, awards, enterprise agreements, and internal policies.

  • Leverage pre-built best practices for common requirements such as uploading a mandatory attachment when an employee has 3 more days of consecutive personal leave
  • Configure your unique policies from enterprise agreements or contracts of employment—even those that run concurrently
  • For a single source of truth for all leave events, automatically create and populate documents and store completed documents.
  • In the event of a complaint or audit, prove compliance with a complete audit trail


Empower Your Workforce

Improve communication with convenient self-service tools.

  • Your employees and managers will navigate through the online time off request and approval process with ease
  • Prevent requests or approvals that don’t meet pre-defined criteria
  • Route time off requests based on the absence type and qualifications defined by you
  • Provide employees with greater transparency into your organisation’s time-off and leave policies to reduce inquiries and administration time