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A WorkForce Software Webinar Series

Roster Smarter: A Customer Success Story

The Benefits of a Unified Rostering Model for Multiple Locations

On-Demand Webinar
50 mins

Illawarra Retirement Trust (IRT) shared how they unified their rostering model for multiple locations to drive better employee outcomes and greater operating efficiencies.

Rostering your shift-based workforce without a single unified Workforce Management solution can be fraught with difficulty, with factors such as fatigue rules, skills-based requirements and employee availability making roster preparation no easy task. If your organisation works across multiple locations, this only compounds your challenges even more.

With over 40 communities and home care service hubs in NSW, the ACT, and Qld, IRT were faced with the need to migrate to a single workforce management system to manage their roster and time and attendance needs.

Their motivation was driven by:

  • Inconsistent, site-based rostering processes that were time-consuming and difficult to sync across multiple locations
  • Difficulty in communicating with their employees their rosters, especially those who worked across multiple sites

In this on-demand webinar, Richard Walsh and Anne Kalmanidis from IRT shares their journey from a site-based rostering processes managed at each location to a hub-based centralised roster management system.

Learning Objectives:

IRT shared how WorkForce Software has helped implement a best practice approach to:

  • Generate rosters that minimised operational costs
  • Ensure complex workplace agreements are obeyed
  • Manage employee availability across multiple sites.
Featured Speakers:

Illawarra Retirement Trust

Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh

Head of People & Culture – Aged Care Centres | IRT

Richard has been with IRT for over 12 years providing support and leadership for over 1900 IRT team members. Prior to IRT, Richard has held senior HR roles with organisations in the Illawarra region, across a diverse range of industries with complex shift-based workforces, including Illawarra Coal, University of Wollongong and Illawarra Health.
Anne Kalmanidis

Anne Kalmanidis

Workforce Business Partner | IRT

With over 6 years’ experience with IRT, Anne is the Workforce Business Partner, providing support to IRT’s centralised rostering teams, and whilst supporting Richard with People and Culture initiatives across the organisation. Anne has worked across other HR and Payroll functions within IRT, including Payroll/Shared Services Officer and Senior Recruitment Advisor.
Evelina King

Evelina King

Account Relationship Manager | WorkForce Software

Evelina has been with WorkForce Software for 8 years, previously as the Training & Education Manager looking after all product offerings. Evelina brings her passion for customer success to her current role as an Account Relationship Manager. Having previous roles within software organisations allows Evelina to a great interpreter between customer requirements and software solutions.