Quickly and Easily Create Employee Schedules

Get real-time views of all schedules across the business so you can identify and resolve issues instantly. Make better decisions to increase schedule quality and improve employee productivity. Our smart workforce scheduling solution provides everything from simple, template-based schedules to auto-generated schedules based on employee availability and KPI optimization. Our workforce scheduling solution delivers measurable improvements to your bottom line.

  • Benchmark schedule performance against a variety of business key performance indicators, identifying those schedules that are adding value to business operations and those that aren’t
  • Ensure compliance by defining your own organisational hard and soft constraints, stopping managers from publishing non-compliant schedules when necessary
  • Improve employee work-life balance with more predictable and consistent schedules which consider their individual preferences
Intuitive and Easy to Use Scheduling Software

“What we’ve been able to do now is schedule accurately, so that we have our key people engaged with customers at the busiest time of day… We have our A team present when they should be in store, and we are getting better store standards, better sales, and the customer’s a winner.”

Fred Harrison

CEO, Ritchies

Key Features

Schedule Quality Rating

To ensure managers create schedules that meet organisational objectives, we have created the Schedule Quality Rating (SQR) which is unique to WorkForce Software. Every time a schedule is created, its quality is rated based on a variety of KPIs, including how closely it fits the forecast demand. An example SQR may combine service level, effectiveness and schedule to budget variance, all weighted to reflect your own unique business goals.

Intuitive and easy to use

Our products are designed with a focus on usability. The intuitive user interface makes the product easy to use and familiar and responsive schedule views mean minimal training is required to get staff up and running.

Legally compliant schedules

WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling enables you to create legally compliant schedules based on local labour law and working hour regulations. You can define your own organisational ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ constraints, ensuring every store creates compliant schedules first time, every time. You are able to automatically warn local managers if they try to publish a non-compliant schedule, providing additional protection from being sued for non-compliance.

Smooth data flow between other systems

As well as using employee preferences and availability from our mobile app, WorkForce Software has a broad set of standard interfaces linking your schedules to data within other business systems. This ensures that every schedule considers factors such as HR leave entitlements, payroll hours or availability. There are many integration options to ensure a smooth data flow between our scheduling solution and other business systems such as HR, Payroll, Traffic, POS and Time & Attendance. Get in touch to find out more.

Collaborative scheduling with mobile

Companies today want more than legally compliant schedules, they want engaged, happy, loyal employees. Our workforce scheduling solutions aim to give staff a better work-life balance and more predictable and consistent schedules. The mobile app means employees can input into how their schedule looks, edit their availability and set their work preferences. Employees have commitments outside of work, such as childcare, study, family commitments or other work / life balance needs and our mobile scheduling app helps managers consider all of this when building each schedule.

Happy staff = happy customers.

WFS Mobile Forecasting and Scheduling