Maximise Productivity through Intelligent Forecasting

Our intelligent forecasting ensures that you have the right number of employees for any given shift, on any given day throughout the year. Our intelligent forecasting uses your business driver data (such as consumer demand, delivery schedules, sales orders, etc) to create amazingly accurate labour forecasts, meaning shifts will no longer be under- or over-staffed, reducing overtime and on-call shifts.

  • Remove guesswork from your scheduling by using the latest data from your business systems to ensure each schedule considers the latest variables
  • Reduce staffing costs by only having employees scheduled when there is work to be done
  • Make fewer schedule changes and stop relying on on-call staff by having better insight into actual staffing demand’
forecast employee schedules
Rite Aid Corporation

“Rite Aid selected WorkForce Software based on their expertise on scheduling employees across multiple locations, user friendliness and their rapid implementation strategies.”

Dave Markley

Vice President of Financial and Labor Analysis, Rite Aid

Key Features

Faster more accurate forecasting

Manual forecasting often results in higher staff costs due to over staffing at quieter times and lost opportunity for productivity due to under staffing during busier periods. Our intelligent forecasting can anticipate each locations demand in 15 minute increments across the week. Identify opportunities for greater productivity and improve your business metrics.

Schedule based on business needs

Intelligent Forecasting removes guesswork from the scheduling process. A smart schedule uses business data from your key systems to create a highly accurate demand curve for each day. We use your own business driver data, such as sales, footfall, order volume and delivery schedules to help you create the perfect forecast for each location.

Advance visibility of schedule costs

Intelligent Forecasting enables organisations to better understand likely labour costs ahead of time, leading to much improved budget management. Intelligent forecasts are more accurate. This means fewer, short notice changes to store schedules and less requirement for on call staff.