Making Work Easy with WFS Forecasting and Scheduling

WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling is an intelligent scheduling solution designed specifically for organisations with hourly paid employees across multiple locations. Our workforce scheduling solutions use data from your key business systems to create demand-based schedules avoiding any over or understaffing.

  • Accurately forecast and plan your labour requirements
  • Schedule a single location or an entire organisation
  • Align schedules to financial budgets, labor to-sales ratios and local labour hours
  • Test millions of schedule combinations in one click, creating new, fully optimised schedules in minutes
  • Improve employee productivity through optimised resourcing
  • Accurately report on your KPIs such as labour cost, attendance, absence, workforce compliance and even assess the quality and fairness of each schedule

Designed as a scalable and intelligent forecasting and scheduling solution, WFS Forecasting and Scheduling can help you to both increase employee engagement and drive productivity in 5 easy steps.