Capable and Convenient Data Collection

Finger-scanning, smart cards, personal identification numbers or ClockLive—we provide world-class technology to meet your specific data collection needs. Connecting our SSL-protected terminals with our cloud-based EmpLive suite allows managers to see accurate attendance information at any time.

The terminals can be used flexibly, sporting a modular build that supports a range of complementary devices, including finger-scan sensors, card readers and built-in cameras. Equally important, they are tightly integrated with EmpLive and supported by our experts, so you never have to worry about cumbersome interface development or setup work.

EmpLive Web Clock

“We chose Emplive, because it is the best-in-breed employee rostering software and integrates with our HR and payroll systems, which is a huge benefit for us.”

Todd Williams

Executive Manager, Respite & Client Services, Cara

Improve workforce data with EmpLive’s secure time clocks

Biometric authentication is also available, which can help reduce time errors and improve payroll accuracy in your organisation. Our USB biometric devices are perfect for workers operating in a computer or Point of Sale (POS) accessible environment, especially common in the retail and hospitality industries. Small yet powerful, the USB device plugs directly into the PC or POS to capture an employee’s working hours and verify the employee’s identity.

Whether your staff work at single site or across many locations, EmpLive’s data collection terminals provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to your time recording needs.

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