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Effectively managing time and attendance pays numerous dividends for any business. First, employees gain more confidence and trust that they are being fairly—and fully—compensated for the work they perform. Equally important, a time solution also improves work/life balance by making it smoother and easier for employees to check their leave balances and request a holiday.

EmpLive also provides great benefits to the organisation. By providing you with a detailed and precise set of work-hour and pay data, EmpLive Time and Attendance empowers your business to improve workforce utilisation rates, lower labour costs, and ultimately increase the bottom line.

EmpLive Time and Attendance

“We chose Emplive, because it is the best-in-breed employee rostering software and integrates with our HR and payroll systems, which is a huge benefit for us.”

Todd Williams

Executive Manager, Respite & Client Services, Cara

Why choose EmpLive for tracking and managing time?

EmpLive’s flexible rules engine can automate the interpretation of even your most complex rules, resulting in a clearer and more complete view of labour data—such as how and when your employees are working, and at what cost.

Operating the business becomes much easier, as well. Supervisors can easily keep tabs on staff attendance, work activities, and deviations from the roster, and can quickly and confidently respond to any changes. Employee clockings are immediately visible, whether they are entered at a time clock or via the web, giving managers a real-time view. Even better, proactive alerts can bring critical data right to a manager’s attention, and colour coding on the timesheet makes exceptions easy to spot.

Additionally, EmpLive’s powerful capabilities for award interpretation allow you to make accurate cost projections for your rosters before they take effect, for maximum control over labour costs and utilisation.

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