Powerful Rostering Software

With EmpLive’s simple design, you can create a roster that meets your precise requirements—including budgets, role coverage and projects—with a mere click of the mouse. Next, EmpLive optimises employee rostering by matching against a graded scale and a fully customisable range of employee attributes. It then automatically matches the right staff to your roster based on the full range of criteria, such as their skills, availability and pay—allowing you to field the best team for the job every time.

With all the information gathered, EmpLive is now ready to generate your rosters, manually or automatically—it’s your choice. From there, it can send rosters to employees via SMS or Employee Self Service (ESS) using EmpLive’s rostering software; their confirmation will be updated automatically and in real time. Staff can also securely access their rosters online.

EmpLive Rostering Software

“We chose Emplive, because it is the best-in-breed employee rostering software and integrates with our HR and payroll systems, which is a huge benefit for us.”

Todd Williams

Executive Manager, Respite & Client Services, Cara

Richer roster data for better rostering decisions

When it comes to keeping track of your rostering budget, EmpLive has you covered. Powerful features allow you to compare the actual hours your staff worked against the times they were rostered for—all in real time. With this type of monitoring on hand, you can ensure your staff rostering budgets are always kept in scope.

You also gain a rich set of data to run your business more effectively. EmpLive allows you to view rosters on a single screen, seeing an employee’s rostered location, time, and confirmation. You can also analyse their timesheets for attendance and exceptions and compare rosters to actual attendance.
This outstanding product also gives you more control over your labour overheads by utilising an ‘optional costed roster’ that outlines your planned workforce expenditure before it happens.

Adding further peace of mind, EmpLive automatically enforces company policies and government regulations that may apply—so you can focus on elevating business performance.

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