Absence and Leave Management Software

The absence and leave management software within the EmpLive suite simplifies leave administration and tracking for employees and managers, alike. For employees, the process of requesting leave becomes a simple workflow that can be completed in seconds. They instantly receive confirmation that their manager has been alerted, lending much-needed clarity to the communication process. Available through the cloud, this workflow process replaces cumbersome paper forms and empowers employees to submit requests for leave at any point in time, for maximum convenience and efficiency.

EmpLive Leave Management

“We chose Emplive, because it is the best-in-breed employee rostering software and integrates with our HR and payroll systems, which is a huge benefit for us.”

Todd Williams

Executive Manager, Respite & Client Services, Cara

Streamline and centralise employee leave requests with EmpLive

Managers reap clear efficiency benefits, as well, along with several key forms of decision support. First, EmpLive can store worker unavailability, based on ad hoc events—such as absences—or on recurring patterns. This helps managers visualise and anticipate when they may have roster gaps.
Second, a colour-coded yearly calendar intuitively depicts when staff will be out on leave, along with other crucial data, giving supervisors all the visibility they need to plan rosters and manage their team.

EmpLive’s absence tracking capabilities streamline the process, improve visibility, and provide employees with convenient self-service tools to ensure that no leave application is missed.

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