Time and Attendance Software for the Enterprise

WFS Time and Attendance software captures detailed labour data and automates even the most complex pay rules for your diverse workforce—hourly, salaried or casual.

  • Real time visibility into your workforce with automated employee time tracking for all locations in a single, cloud-based platform
  • Total transparency by giving employees direct access to their online timesheet and the ability to request time off with unmatched ease
  • Reduced payroll errors and improved accuracy by applying pay, attendance tracking, and other labour policies in real time
  • Simplified compliance with local, state/provincial, and country-specific labour laws around the globe

“Primarily our goals were to have a significantly improved user experience and also increase efficiency in terms of how we were able to complete our people administration.”

Naomi Gould

Managing Director, People & Culture, ATB Financial

Key Features

Consolidate time data

You need a complete view of time and labour data—including salaried, hourly, and casual workers—in order to make the most effective long-term decisions. WFS Time and Attendance helps you achieve that level of total coverage without compromise, by allowing you to automate the distinct requirements of each country, office, and division within a single cloud-based platform. The solution can even process time data for employees with multiple jobs.

Precisely control labour costs

WFS Suite’s advanced time and attendance features help improve your bottom line. Its powerful rules engine calculates even the most complex, multifactor pay rates, overtime rules, shift differentials, and meal deductions for all workers. Optional activity based costing can also provide advanced labour distribution data. Paired with a variety of employee time clocks and time tracking options, many WFS Suite customers recoup the cost of their investment in fewer than 6 months.

Simplify labour compliance

No matter where your employees live and work, WFS Time and Attendance automates the necessary local, regional, and country-specific labour law compliance functions—while simultaneously supporting organisational policies such as attendance tracking. This coverage delivers peace of mind and mitigates the risks of costly fines and penalties. And since proof of compliance is equally important, WFS Time and Attendance also provides a detailed audit trail.


Adapt to change

WFS Suite’s configurable rules engine also allows you to adapt to changing demands more rapidly than traditional timekeeping software—and at a much lower expense. While customised applications hard-code your unique needs into the system, WFS Time and Attendance manages your employee time tracking requirements entirely through configuration, making it better suited to accommodating new or changing demands. Plus, WFS Time and Attendance tracks all changes, so you know precisely when and how a policy was adjusted.

Enhance productivity

With standards-based design, WFS Time and Attendance software removes barriers between your employees and critical workforce data. Users can access the timesheet from virtually any web browser, and smartphone and tablet access are easy, too. With WFS Mobile Time and Attendance, there are no plugins to install or apps to download. Managers have a range of communication tools at their disposal, including email and text messages, to ensure that they can reach employees on any device and at any location.

Collect granular details

WFS Time and Attendance also offers unmatched control over what—and how much—labour data you collect. Capture an unlimited number of labour distribution fields through online timesheets or employee time clocks, and use WFS Analytics to blend that data with information from other systems. With this setup, you gain insight into the relationships between labour activities, output and efficiency, and financial results—and the power to align workforce utilisation to business goals like never before.

WFS Time and Attendance

WFS Time and Attendance

Enterprise-grade time and attendance solution that provides real-time insights into your entire workforce and the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing needs and market dynamics.

Maximise Your ROI

Maximise Your ROI

Learn how much your organisation can expect to save with a new workforce management solution.