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On-demand and in-person learning opportunities

To help your employees get up to full speed faster, WFS Australia offers a range of training courses tailored around specific components of our workforce management solutions. Each course is carefully designed and professionally delivered, offering your team the best way to help your team sharpen or refresh their skills. When you select live training from our workforce management experts, you get the benefit of:

  • Flexible training options – Whether you prefer to arrange some on location in your office, elect to send staff to our public courses, or take advantage of on-demand eLearning options you can tap into anytime, anywhere, you can always find a delivery model that fits your time, budget, and learning style needs
  • Small class sizes – We keep our in-person, instructor-led courses small to allow a high degree of interaction and dedicated trainer time for each attendee
  • Immersive learning experience – The courses in our office take place in a dedicated training environment and offer a blend of instructor-led and hands-on exercises to address all learning styles
  • Practical techniques – Course exercises and scenarios are based on common client goals so that new learning can be directly and immediately applied within your organisation
  • Peer networking – Participating in training sessions with peers from other WFS Australia clients allows learners to form new relationships and gain best practices from others working toward similar workforce management goals
  • Diverse course offerings – Hone your workforce management skills with a wide range of offerings, including rostering, timesheets, leave management, system administration, and biometric terminals

All of the training materials have been developed by WFS Australia’s internal experts, ensuring in-depth instruction and tangible benefits for your team.

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