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Rostering: One Approach Does Not Fit All

In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford to take a one-size-fits-all approach to rostering.

With the WorkForce Suite, you don’t have to.

Customer Success Story

Ritchies Supermarkets achieved greater operational efficiency among other benefits.

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Addressing all your rostering needs—from predictable to highly variable requirements.

Better Together

Multiply the value of WorkForce Suite with labour forecasting.

Rostering. Reinvented.

The WorkForce Suite has changed the rostering game with a dynamic approach to managing rosters for your entire organisation including:

  • Highly flexible options for grouping and filtering to tailor the experience to your users’ needs
  • Publishing with version control, audit capabilities, and onscreen indicators to quickly identify changes
  • View rosters for a single day or up to longer periods of months for planning
Rostering Scheduling View

Simplicity with Flexibility

Sometimes you need consistent coverage but want to provide flexibility around employee availability. The WorkForce Suite helps keep it simple with:

  • Recurring templates or rotating shift patterns for any interval
  • Flexible rosters with built-in core hours to ensure coverage when you need it most employee contractual hours are met
  • Rosters for hourly and salaried employees

Eliminate Your Compliance Risks

Grievances, complaints, and lawsuits are costly. Confidently comply with rostering rules and enhance the employee experience by:

  • Adhering to award, contractual, and enterprise agreement work hour limits and required rest periods
  • Ensuring workers have the skills and certifications required to perform each role
  • Planning and publishing rosters well in advance to meet fair and predictive rostering standards
Manager Assistant - Insufficient Rest

Your People.
Where You Need Them.
Delighting Your Customers.
Every Time.

When it comes to providing great customer service, your staffing needs can change depending on what you are looking to achieve. The WorkForce Suite helps you:

  • Build rosters based on forecasted demand for every area of your business using your unique business data drivers
  • Evaluate your roster against your key performance indicators to achieve and exceed expectations
  • Assign one or more tasks per employee per shift to minimise idleness and maximise productivity

Better Together… Labour Demand Forecasting and Rostering

It can feel a bit like walking a tight rope when it comes to balancing staffing needs and achieving your goals. Remain steady and confident by combining labour forecasting and optimised rostering to achieve even greater results.

Labour Forecasting Tasking Demand and Coverage