Expands Global Footprint with Europe’s Premier Scheduling Solution for Retail and Hospitality

Sydney, Australia  (June 10, 2016) – WorkForce Software today announced that it has acquired Workplace, the leading cloud-based employee scheduling solution for retail and hospitality, with offices in the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Australia. WorkForce Software is a portfolio company of Insight Venture Partners.

With an emphasis on driving productivity through improved employee engagement, Workplace uses collaborative scheduling and accurate forecasting to optimise employee scheduling. Built from the ground up for consumer-facing sectors with a high degree of demand variability—such as retail and hospitality—Workplace offers a next-generation cloud scheduling solution. Paired with the robust capabilities of WorkForce Software’s workforce management suite, the acquisition creates a compelling competitive advantage with leading-edge cloud technology and gives customers the benefit of more than 47 years of collective industry domain experience.

“Combined with our world-class workforce management solution, acquiring Workplace gives us competitive industry differentiation in retail and hospitality,” said Mike Morini, WorkForce Software CEO. “We’re also super excited about the talent this adds to our team, including Workplace CEO David Farquhar, who will become our Chief Operating Officer. With a shared emphasis on customers, culture, and community, there’s a true synergy in bringing our teams together.”

Workplace’s offerings were developed to give HQ better visibility of store operations, empower managers to optimise shift patterns and create more effective customer-facing teams. “Particularly in retail and hospitality, balancing employer and needs can be a real challenge. Our products help organisations increase productivity and drive revenues to an entirely new level through improved customer service,” said WorkForce Software Chief Operating Officer David Farquhar. “It’s all about putting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. And we are very proud, because that’s what our products help employers do each and every day.”

Morini added, “Scheduling optimisation is central to helping our customers increase profitability and boost employee satisfaction. By bringing our innovative technologies together, we can help employers around the world address their dynamic scheduling needs with the ultimate goal to delight customers with the best cloud-based workforce management solution on the market.”

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