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WorkForce Software announced its Chief Technology Officer, John Williams, was named to The Top 25 Software CTOs of 2022 list by The Software Report. The executives on this list have helped guide their own organizations through a trying and unpredictable period and have managed to not only sustain, but – as in the case of WorkForce Software – accelerate growth.

“The WorkForce Software family is fortunate to have John on our team. John is more than just a tech-savvy decision maker, he is an authentic and empathetic leader that seeks to foster a culture of innovation and a passion for excellence,” said Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software.

Impacting cloud technologies, AI, data collection and integration, as well as advancing DevOps and the use of new technologies to improve results, Williams has been responsible for delivering some of the most successful and effective software solutions on the market.

His 30 years of enterprise software experience and extensive technical knowledge has enabled him to lead skilled teams at WorkForce Software in the successful development of a highly automated, highly scalable and award-winning cloud SaaS software delivery platform for complex global deskless workforces called WorkForce Suite. Under John’s leadership, the company recently announced its next-generation labor forecasting solution that harnesses the power of AI plus human intelligence.

Morini added, “Imagining the future of work drives John, and he’s dedicated to creating solutions at WorkForce Software that will digitally transform our customers’ businesses and enable them to meet the changing needs of their industries and their employees — now and into the future.”