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A new report says that employee experience has become a top management priority, as organisations emerge from the pandemic.

Published by the Josh Bersin Company and commissioned by Microsoft, the report also states that organisational success relies on employers managing their employees’ work-life balance.

The organisations polled that detailed positive employee experiences shared common traits like fostering a culture of trust between employees and employers, supportive co-workers, and rewards given out based on accomplishments and merit.

Organisations that described positive employee experiences also noted that management set clear goals, showed transparency, offered regular feedback, and cultivated diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The report states: “When companies don’t just pay lip service to supporting ethical behaviour and standing up for doing what’s right, when leaders model this approach, and when rewards and recognition are aligned with this, people feel empowered to behave the same way.”

But HR Dive also cited WorkForce Software’s recent Employee Experience Gap Study, highlighting the disparities between employers and employees when it comes to the employee experience provided.

As remote and hybrid work models become common post-pandemic, employers must rise to meet their employees’ expectations. For example, the study reveals that 90% of employers believe that they reward staff accomplishments appropriately, but only 77% of employees feel that their contributions are recognised.

By listening to employees’ needs and providing positive employee experiences, employers will ultimately strengthen their organisations.

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