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Although deskless workers account for almost 80% of all workers worldwide, their positions, responsibilities, and needs are incredibly unique. Their workplaces, tasks, skills, and travel are all liable to change daily, making it harder for their roles to be supported by technological tools and solutions. 

While their co-worker counterparts in the office have seen a flood of new tech to help them work remotely, the deskless worker has seemingly been expected to overcome obstacles by themselves. 

Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at WorkForce Software, outlines seven challenges that deskless workers face and how businesses can overcome them. 

Among these challenges are scheduling flexibility, communication, and lack of technology. However, Moran tells NASDAQ readers that these are not insurmountable issues. Solutions are available today if organizations are prepared to embrace modern workforce management technologies.  

“Every job comes with challenges. But companies can do more to minimize the barriers to making work easier for employees and managers – more closely matching the easy-to-use apps that are an essential part of our personal lives,” Moran says.