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Organizations are still facing a war on talent amidst the Great Reshuffle. In order to retain valuable talent, companies need to recognize and meet their needs.   

Recent research from Adobe found that one-third of employees surveyed felt that they were held back by managers who were using outdated technology or who struggled to use modern collaboration tools.  

Even more, 72% of employees and 88% of managers said that access to modern digital tools is a key factor when evaluating new jobs. In the past, business leaders have primarily focused on providing tools for office and desk workers, leaving deskless workers – who make up nearly 80% of the global workforce – with inefficient technology solutions. 

According to Marc Gingras, SVP of Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software, technology is a critical component when it comes to making sure employers are aligned with the wants and needs of their employees. 

“With hybrid work on the rise, more companies need to make appropriate investments in technology that leverages data to make it easier to detect when there is a potential problem, capture employee feedback frequently and enable managers to take action in the moment,” Gingras says. 

The lack of HR technology for deskless workers has created a huge gap. This missed opportunity creates challenges for employers when communicating with, planning for, and managing a large set of their workforce. 

Gingras adds, “This will not only have a significant impact on employees’ experience, showing them that they are valued and cared for, and their needs are being met – this will increase morale and ultimately productivity in all areas of a business.”