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Opal Healthcare, one of Australia’s largest aged care providers, has signed on with WorkForce Software to provide a self-service portal for roster management, shift swaps, leave requests and work availability updates to its 9,500 employees. 

To digitise time-intensive manual processes and improve its employees’ experience, Opal HealthCare selected WorkForce Software to adopt a robust integrated payroll and workforce management solution called Workforce Suite for Healthcare.

The Workforce Suite integrated seamlessly with Opal Healthcare’s existing payroll provider, Ascender Preceda, to streamline payroll and workforce management processes, and automate compliance for navigation of local tax laws and salary models, as well as offering employees the convenience and efficiency of smart-phone accessible work-related services for the first time. 

“Team members can now view their roster and current timesheet on their phone in real-time before it’s exported on payday,” Kevin Britten, National Payroll Manager at Opal HealthCare, said. “Any discrepancies can be addressed ahead of payday and get amended before payroll runs, meaning no incorrect pay, no frustrated team members, and no additional work.”  

Opal HealthCare faced numerous challenges before it decided to digitise its payroll and workforce management using WFS Workforce Suite for Healthcare including: manual processes and cumbersome interfaces that hindered the employee experience, inaccurate time reporting, and complex compliance requirements.