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The U.S. federal government vaccine mandate is rolling out soon, according to industry experts. Under the mandate, private companies with 100 or more employees must require employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or produce a weekly negative COVID-19 test.  

As with most digital workplace efforts, it will take clear communication and sound technology practices for vaccine and testing program management. 

WorkForce Software’s SVP of Human Resources, Leslie Tarnacki, offered her insights on the benefits of technology as employees return to the office. She says technology will help support and enforce the vaccine mandate. 

“Technology will continue to be essential to supporting the additional protocols that need to be implemented to ensure compliance with vaccine mandates and assure the safety of employees as they return to the office,” Tarnacki says. 

Additionally, human resources practitioners should consider specific ways technology can help them complete their jobs as the vaccine mandate roll out approaches. 

Tarnacki says, “Solutions can adapt to support verification of workers’ vaccination status and can be configured to prompt employees ahead of shifts for health questionnaires to help HR teams ensure that staff are safe and complying with mandates.”