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In a recent job listing for a director of public relations, calls for the successful candidate to have all the things you’d expect of a communications professional. Now there’s an added requirement: The successful candidate must be fully vaccinated by the start date.  

It will likely continue to be a growing trend despite the Supreme Court’s recent decision to block the mandate from President Joe Biden’s administration that would force U.S. employers of 100 or more employees to require their staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or test weekly. 

On the job site Indeed, 5.9% of postings include some description of a vaccine requirement, up from zero in August, according to Indeed data recorded on January 7. 

 It’s a similar story on LinkedIn, where job postings requiring vaccination made up 4.47% of total U.S. job postings at the start of December. That’s up from .32% in August, according to an analysis of the data.   

WorkForce Software tries to avoid misunderstandings by being upfront regarding Covid-19 safety measures. Since mid-December all job posts include this statement: “WorkForce Software, in compliance with the United States Federal Mandate, has a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. We are requiring all employees are either vaccinated or receive weekly COVID-19 testing. If you have questions about the policy please email us at” 

Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of Human Resources at WorkForce Software, says that line won’t be removed from job listings any time soon.  

“WorkForce Software will stay the course of complying with the original mandate as that seems to be in the best interest of our employees’ health and safety,” Tarnacki said. “We will likely default to what we deem best in keeping everyone safe and healthy as we optimistically turn this corner from the pandemic in 2022.”