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As we near 2022, WorkForce Software’s SVP EMEA Steve Tonks makes his predictions for the new year and how management can future-proof their strategies.

Thankfully, the world now seems to be in recovery, and we can safely plan our management strategies without worrying we’ll have to rip them up in a few weeks. So, let’s begin with a question: As business leaders, how do we think we performed during 2020/21?

After all, managing any organisation that survived multiple lockdowns is a huge achievement. But as we rushed to preserve cash flow and protect our supply chains through the pandemic, we often forgot to support the most important part of our businesses: our people.

And now, we’re facing up to the result. 41% of UK employees are considering quitting their jobs in search of more fulfilling work, and up to 95% of employees have thought about leaving their roles globally. So, how can we manage our people better next year?

Without a better focus on employee experience, I can see the ‘Great Resignation’ lasting into 2022 and beyond. So, to spot and tackle all the issues within our business, we need to ask—and listen to—our workers.

To encourage this, let’s create continuous feedback mechanisms to make sure every employee feels their voice is heard. Set up a survey, suggestion box or email address, to which staff can submit their thoughts as there are interacting with the customer.