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Employee experience (EX) strategy is a necessity for any organization looking to retain talent today. WorkForce Software’s report, “Making Every Moment Matter,” illustrates seven actions employers should focus on.  

WorkForce Software’s SVP of EX Strategy, Marc Gingras, argues for giving employees a voice in their schedules, as well as using self-service technology for leave requests. By building on incremental changes like this, companies will enable better work/life balance with flexible schedules, streamlined time-off requests and make sure employees’ voices are heard. 

Enabling two-way conversations with co-workers and managers, providing a sense of purpose and more meaningful work, and ensuring employee voices are heard and responded to in a timely manner are other actions that Gingras cites. 

In his book “The Employee Experience Advantage,” futurist Jacob Morgan found that only six percent of the 252 businesses he looked at were doing an “amazing job of creating employee experiences.” However, that six percent had four times the profit and 40% lower turnover than the average. 

Those that consider these elements will thrive, says the report. Gingras flags Ladbrokes Coral, who experienced a 98% reduction in payroll enquiries by providing greater visibility into schedules.  

Meanwhile, Kurt Geiger boosted engagement with furloughed staff by sharing feel-good stories and staying connected over corporate communication platform without access to work-related content. 

While there is still so much to tackle, starting with this report will help employers outline a number of ways in which businesses could improve as what we expect from work continues to change.