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With the pandemic, the concern of employee well-being gained popularity. The pandemic had a sudden transition from work from the office to work from home that induced isolation from the outside world took a toll on the mental health of the employees. 

Both employers and HR veterans started to realize the importance of mental health and encouraged employees to share their related concerns. For her subject matter expertise, HR One quoted Leslie Tarnacki, WorkForce Software’s SVP of Human Resources. 

“The holidays are one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year for most employees,” says Tarnacki.  

It is a tricky task to detect any employees’ anxiety levels while working remotely. There are ways like team-building exercises and extracurricular activities that can assist in detecting employee anxiety levels.  

For instance, if the employee has issues in their personal life that may be hampering the performance curve. A stress management program can assist in managing these conflicts and function with a consistent performance curve. 

Mental health is imperative for any employee. Every employer must aim to offer a safe working environment for each employee and try to be more considerate towards mental health because it is as important as any physical disease.