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The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of employees from across many different industries to start working remotely from home, and with the future of work shifting towards flexible and hybrid office models, remote work is here to stay.

As such, the Forbes Human Resources Council, including WorkForce Software’s own Leslie Tarnacki, have shared 15 ways that employers can better support working parents as we navigate the ongoing trend of remote work.

Leaders from organizations like Dentsply Sirona, PROS Holdings, and Canada Pooch offered useful strategies like adopting outcome-based working, creating a tight-knit company community for working parents to voice shared concerns and advice, and expanding eligible expenses for child or senior care at home.

Tarnacki, the Senior Vice-President of Human Resources at WorkForce Software, suggests working with employees to find creative solutions to their unique situations by offering flexibility.

“Flexibility is an absolute necessity,” she says. “Employers need to work with employees to come up with the best creative solutions for support. Empower working parents to take the time they need to attend to the family.” 

Even as the pandemic wanes, though, workers might not be returning to shared spaces and the rigid schedules that were the norm until a couple of years ago. Flexible hours and the option to work remotely are no longer seen as detriments to employee productivity.

“The traditional 9-to-5 workday simply doesn’t really exist anymore because employees are consistently working virtually and are productive no matter the time or place they work,” Tarnacki says.

Read more about ways that your company can support working parents below.