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For many tech teams, the end of the year brings the energy and rush of wrapping up projects, followed by the fun of the holidays. It’s understandable that, in January, team members may come back unfocused and even a little blue that break time is over.  

It’s up to tech leaders to set the tone for the year ahead and help their team members get motivated and excited to tackle the projects and goals that are coming their way. As seasoned leaders in the industry, the members of Forbes Technology Council have plenty of experience guiding their teams through and past the “January blues.”  

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, shares his insights about recognizing past accomplishments of the team. By acknowledging their successes in the previous years, it allows them to have clear goals for 2022. 

“As teams return to work, it can help to immediately recognize the accomplishments from the previous year—especially the successes that will serve as a foundation for reaching goals in the new year,” Morini says. 

Morini believes it’s important that employees know their leaders are supportive of them – in both their professional careers and in maintaining their personal work-life balance. 

“Start the year off as a team, aligning on clear goals and encouraging a renewed sense of purpose to deliver on your mission. Renew your commitment to prioritizing staying healthy and keeping the team safe.”