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Employees with More Than
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Workforce management for your entire employee population—even when they work in multiple positions across employment types, faculties, and departments.

The WorkForce Suite for Higher Education

Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.

Oregon State University Customer Testimonial

See how Oregon State University in the U.S. improved payroll accuracy for 18,000 employees.

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Elgin Community College

“WorkForce offered us the ability to fully automate time and labor, which was an essential capability. When we can make our employees’ jobs easier, that directly translates into an improved campus experience for everyone.”

– Kristin Richmond, Senior Director of Human Resource Information Systems, Elgin Community College

Streamline Management of the Casual WorkForce

Casual academics, casual professionals, and student workers have some of the most complex time reporting and pay requirements in the higher education sector. The WorkForce Suite can ease administration, simplify compliance, and avoid wage theft with: 

  • Auto population of timesheets with planned schedules combined with the ability for staff to make amendments when work hours or activities vary from expectations
  • Signoff or certification by employees to approve accuracy of timesheets and, optionally, gross pay 
  • Unique timesheets for each position to enforce rules and workflows with an aggregated approach to maintain compliance and avoid Fair Work claims
  • Accurate time capture options, such as time clocks (physical and virtual) and mobile with optional GPS capabilities
  • Automated calculation of hours and gross pay, including applicable penalty rates and allowances
Streamline Management of the Casual WorkForce

Control Labour Costs and Stay on Track with Budgets

The WorkForce Suite helps you manage complex labour/budget tracking requirements and keep budgets on track while maintaining service levels by: 

  • Defaulting labour allocation based on scheduled or rostered activities (e.g. lectures, pool lifeguard) to faculties, departments, funding sources, projects, cost centres, and much more while enabling amendments when deviations occur
  • Empowering staff to track actual hours against budgeted hours for unscheduled activities (e.g. marking) for each position
  • Issuing predictive and proactive alerts when staff are approaching limits or reporting time outside of planned activities—scheduled or unscheduled—to avoid overtime
  • Providing granular labour reporting to enable strategic decision making across the organisation, faculties, departments, projects, etc. 

Simplify Compliance with Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreements, and Contracts

Rest easy knowing the WorkForce Suite has you covered for every modern award or enterprise agreement rule with:

  • Pre-built best practices for legislative and common rules, including time off in lieu, work hour limits, rest periods, overtime and other penalties, allowances, and more
  • Flexible configuration for automation of your organisation’s unique enterprise and contractual rules and internal policies—whether mandated by the university or more targeted to a specific group, such as a faculty, division, or employee type
  • Accurate, simplified, and compliant amendments for one-off adjustments to historical timesheets or retrospective calculations when mass adjustments are needed (e.g. enterprise agreement ratified after expiry date)
  • Proof of compliance with a complete audit trail of all changes made—whether applied in historical, current, or future periods
Manage Attendance, Absence, and Leave

Manage Attendance, Absence, and Leave

Relieve the stress of tracking employee attendance and managing hundreds of absence, time-off, and leave requests with:

  • Automated time-off accruals—including annual, personal, and long service leave—approval workflows, lieu time, and unique attendance policies
  • Simplified management of leaves of absence with a single source of truth for eligibility determination, workflows, and required documentation
  •  Ability to identify absence trends and trigger alerts when recurring behaviours—positive or negative—reveal themselves (e.g. perfect attendance, late and early arrivals, and departures in a defined period)

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