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The True Value of Optimising Your Government Workforce

Are you looking to digitally transform your work management in the government and public sector? Let us help you build a unique business case for your workforce management project.

Perhaps nowhere is the gap between the public and private sector greater, is in workforce management processes. While much of the private sector has embraced digital transformation for workforce management over the past decade, many would argue the public sector has not. The reality is, government department are being increasingly asked to address the most complex challenges facing the community they represent while using workforce management processes rooted in the past. This not only makes it harder to recruit talented people to the public sector but also makes it difficult for managers in government departments to provide their employees with a great user experiences.

Make the Case for Change

All levels of government operate in a highly regulated environment with complex pay rules, unique labour laws, and multiple assignments. On top of that, labour and compensation costs are a major cost concern, with heavy scrutiny over budgets and costs by the public. However, a workforce management solution can help meet your unique challenges by improving the processes for high-volume transactions between HR and Payroll, in areas like employee rostering, time tracking, and absence management. As a result, we help your department or agency get the most out of their labour budgets.

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