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Opal HealthCare

“Team members can now view their roster and current timesheet on their phone in real time before it’s exported on payday. Any discrepancies can be addressed ahead of payday and get amended before payroll runs, meaning no incorrect pay, no frustrated team members and no additional work.”

Kevin Britten

National Payroll Manager

Opal HealthCare

A Customer Success Story

Opal HealthCare is one of Australia’s largest aged care providers with 9,500 dedicated team members caring for more than 8,000 residents in 80 care homes across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. With thousands of employees based across the country, Opal HealthCare partnered with WorkForce Software to adopt a robust integrated payroll and workforce management solution with intuitive applications, easy usability and purposeful resources.

Customer Snapshot

Organisation: Opal HealthCare
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: 9,500 

The Challenges

  • Difficulty managing a large, dynamic workforce across multiple roles and departments
  • Manual processes and cumbersome interfaces hindered the employee experience
  • Inaccurate time reporting and data flow
  • Difficulty complying with 50+ modern nursing awards
  • Complex compliance requirements with federal and state governments

Why WorkForce Software

  • Seamless integration between WorkForce Software’s workforce management solution and Ascender’s Preceda—Opal’s payroll provider—for greater automation, increased accuracy and heightened employee experience
  • Digitised time and labour processes with real-time access and automated calculation of pay rules
  • Convenient employee self-service portal for roster management, shift swaps, leave requests and work availability updates
  • Automated compliance for navigation of local tax laws, salary models, multiple pay cycles, awards and penalties

“There is no double handling of anything we do. WorkForce Software just seamlessly integrates straight into our payroll system.”
Kevin Britten, National Payroll Manager

Key Benefits

    • Reduction of time-consuming manual processes for greater focus on key requirements  
    • Improved data flow across departments, including HR, Finance and Operations
    • Increased operational efficiencies with dramatic reduction in administration of pay queries and errors
    • Enhanced employee experience with convenient and collaborative self-service tools
    • Improved compliance with everchanging federal and state government legislation 
    • Minimised business disruption during times of crisis with remote access to data, compliance with various government initiatives and grouped alert capabilities

WorkForce Suite for Healthcare

See how the WorkForce Suite can help you avoid healthcare worker burnout and turnover, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and simplify compliance.

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