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“The employees find it really easy to use. It means they can check their schedule any time, day or night. They can do it from their phone or they can do it from home, which is really useful for them.”

Robert Floutier

Assistant General Manager, DW Fitness First

DW Fitness First

DW Fitness First is a retailing and fitness business founded in March 2009 that is currently operating 90 retail stores and over 120 gyms around the UK.

DW Fitness First contacted WorkForce Software to help control costs. They were experiencing instances of employees being overpaid due to inefficient time and attendance methods and needed a product that would increase real-time visibility across their retail and health club locations.

As well as being able to control costs and optimize schedules, DW Fitness First has received an added benefit: a new way of scheduling their fitness club trainers. Trainers are self-employed and receive a discount from renting space if they complete 10 hours of introductory sessions for new members.

WFS Forecasting and Scheduling

Accurately forecast your labour requirements and schedule your workforce.

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