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Managing Your Rostering and Payroll Needs for a Mobile Workforce

Jun 17, 2020

Managing Your Rostering and Payroll Needs for a Mobile Workforce
Ian Moss

Ian Moss

Field Marketing Manager | WFS Australia

The demands of our 24/7 economy have fuelled the evolution of how we work with over 70% of workers in Australia working remotely at least once a week. This brings huge challenges to businesses in establishing processes to accurately manage their workforce time and attendance needs. Overlay this with the added complexity and scrutiny of authorities to protect worker rights or the agility that businesses need to embrace in the post COVID-19 era—it’s a tough and daunting environment in which to stay compliant whilst simultaneously meeting the needs of your employees and business.

However, research by HRNZ indicates that businesses in New Zealand are either delaying their adoption or are unsatisfied with their current workforce management solutions. In Australia, 51% of businesses surveyed with the Australian Payroll Association don’t believe their current time & attendance technology can support their challenges for 2020. This can have impact on operational efficiencies, increasing risk of non-compliance to rostering and award pay rules or providing a poor employee experience.

To offer some hope in a cloud of uncertainty, the team at WFS Australia launched a new webinar series called “Groundbreakers” to showcase the success that our customers around the world are experiencing when adopting workforce management technology.

In our first regional webinar, Ben Wooding from Red Badge Group spoke about his business and the challenges he had with rostering and payroll for his largely mobile workforce.

“Three years ago, we were managing all our rostering on an excel spreadsheet and with a large whiteboard with 2 weeks of rosters on it,” said Wooding. “We would send rosters to staff via SMS or employees would send us SMS to record their start and end date. It was a hugely manual process when it came to managing our employees’ time and attendance.”

Ben and the team at Red Badge knew that something needed to change and thus set a goal to transform their workforce management processes in order to improve operational efficiencies, decrease non-compliance, and provide a positive employee experience.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Red Badge reduced their man hours by 3-4 hours per day with a best-in-class workforce management solution and discover advice for those looking to transform their workforce management to support a mobile or remote workforce.

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