WFS Australia Global Partners

At WFS Australia, we take a strategic, deliberate approach to global partnerships. All of our WFS Suite and EmpLive Partners have been carefully selected for their ability to deliver business critical needs while accelerating the value of our solutions and services. Our alliance partners:

  • Undergo focused training on our solutions
  • Help our clients address key business initiatives
  • Operate as an extension of our team
Oracle Partner
SAP Partner

Small to Medium Employers

EmpLive has a broad and rich feature set optimised for small to midsized employers. Packed with all the functionality you need and expect, EmpLive is built to help you get up and running in no time—benefit from workforce management automation more quickly.

Large Employers

WFS Suite is a robust and scalable suite specially designed to meet the demands of large and multinational organisations. Immensely flexible, WFS Suite can help your business achieve total automation of your time, rostering, and related labour policies in a single global platform.