Workforce Analytics

Real-time access to a complete view of your organisation’s workforce analytics helps you achieve key business goals—such as cutting labour costs—more quickly. WFS Analytics harnesses detailed labour data and allows your organisation to fine-tune workforce management activities and improve business analysis and workforce planning. With this comprehensive labour analysis tool, you can:

  • Access complete, accurate snapshots of your employees’ day-to-day labour activities
  • Quickly identify cost-saving measures with greater visibility into workforce analytics
  • Build simple, intuitive reports with drag-and-drop functionality and custom views
  • Co-mingle data from multiple sources, including your HRIS software, financial applications, and many more
WFS Analytics

Key Features

Continuously improve

Easily co-mingle data from multiple sources, including HRIS software and project management, accounting, and work order systems. By eliminating these silos, WFS Analytics closes the loop on how labour activities affect financial results, revealing fresh ways to improve performance. Staffing plans and rosters become ever more effective.

Distribute results

Users can create, save, and distribute new reports in a variety of common formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV), increasing the speed and depth of knowledge transfer. Its simple, drag-and-drop report builder makes WFS Analytics easy to learn and allows your team to make an immediate impact with richer, more meaningful labour analysis.

Make faster decisions

WFS Analytics gives managers instant access to the concrete and data-driven reports they need to make informed decisions regarding time and attendance and employee rostering. This allows business leaders to more rapidly and confidently course-correct as needed—and in real time—to ensure the organisation’s ongoing success.

Standardize best practices

Powerful business analysis tools let you monitor, compare, and assess data generated in multiple locations or divisions, accelerating the discovery of new best practices, and ensuring that those practices can be rapidly adopted across the organisation.

Enable better communication

When you recognise best practices, you want your team to be able to leverage them right away. WFS Analytics can be configured with alerts to bring key figures and trend data to your managers’ and executives’ attention at the earliest opportunity.

Plan with confidence

With our labour analysis software, you are no longer constrained by outdated, hard-to-assemble, or incomplete reporting. Powerful ad-hoc reporting features and real-time visibility deliver actionable information at your fingertips.

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Maximise Your ROI

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WFS Analytics

Transform raw labour data into actionable information that empowers strategic business decisions and ensures your organisation is making the most of every investment.