“One of our strategic plans in our IT department has been to move our applications to the cloud… and it has freed up some of our resources in our department.”

Colleen Flannery

Director of Technology Services, Chandler Unified School District

Chandler Unified School District

Located in the Southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, the Chandler Unified School District (Chandler) serves 38,000 K-12 students and employs 2,800 teachers, administrators, and staff. With a large and fast-growing population, the district has diverse and complex workforce management, and an existing system was not able to fully automate time and labour.

With an eye to assured compliance and greater efficiency, Chandler looked for a solution that could meet 100% of their requirements and evolve as regulations or internal policies changed. WorkForce Software’s WFS Suite was the only solution that could meet their requirements for managing multiple assignments, role-based security, and comprehensive FLSA calculations and reporting.

WFS Suite® for K-12 School Districts

Boost operational efficiency while also improving employee satisfaction with complete coverage for all employees.

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